IV. Frankfurt-Main Lunch (My Lunch)

The My Lunch Working Group places an emphasis on improving the quality of food in public institutes.

We concern ourselves with finding solutions for increasing the percentage of regional and organic food for the communities in the care public institutes.

News from the working group:

At the moment we are mainly concerned with food in schools.

Here, too, COVID-19 has had a major effect.

We are currently focusing on two topics:

1. In the short term, we want to optimize the communication of knowledge on the subject of food in Frankfurt schools:

  • do the school communities have opportunities to participate in discussions on this topic?
  • do they have access to information?
  • how can food waste be minimized?

Together with the city’s Parent Groups, the city’s Student Councils, and the city’s Department of Education, this working group plans on presenting all the necessary information in an appealing movie.

It is also very important to identify and raise awareness of the problem of food waste at schools, as well as to find and propose possible solutions.

Together with the movie, the Frankfurt Food Council’s brochure “Where does our food come from? – And why is that important? ” will be made available for third to fifth grades and distributed to the schools.

2. We will intensively participate in the plans of the Secretary of Education to re-municipalize the food supply in schools and daycare centers. Our goal is to work together with the Working Group – House of Food Frankfurt, the Working Group – Production and Marketing, and the LogRegio Project to lend our expertise and assistance in order to commence this re-municipalisation. For this purpose, we receive support from the network of German-speaking Food Councils and others.

The reality is that kitchens under public management will require years for developing and implementing sustainable systems.

We, the Frankfurt Food Council, have the necessary expertise available in our membership and networks to assist in the implementation of this initiative.

The My Lunch Working Group is concerned with the following:

We are committed to providing good care for students and teachers in schools. The Frankfurt Food Council answers the question, “What is good school food?” in the following way:

  • Everyone enjoys good school meals.
  • Good school meals are good for everyone involved, from farm to fork.

This means that soil health is preserved/restored, farmers can make a living from their products, and processors, retailers, and cooks/chefs receive appropriate remuneration for their work. It protects the environment and the climate, and schoolchildren and everyone else who enjoys these meals are offered a selection tailored to their needs, in a pleasant atmosphere.

Positive side effects such as preservation/revitalization of biodiversity, contribution to economic stability in the region, generation of jobs in agriculture, processing, trade and gastronomy, health and satisfaction for all involved, as well as strengthening of democratic values such as participation and solidarity arise and are strengthened.

We are now in communication with various networking organizations specializing in school catering. We are finding out more about the network of Food Councils and the sustainability criteria from the organic cities. Moreover, we have a seat at a ‘round table”, set up by the catering unit of the city council. This committee aims to develop a catalogue of (optional) criteria for the tendering of school catering commissioned by the City of Frankfurt.


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