Working Groups of Frankfurt Food Council

Where does our food come from? Under what circumstances is it produced, processed, and marketed? The Frankfurt Food Council demonstrates the connections between the different stages of the supply chain and illuminates various suitable courses of action for all respective participants.

Citizens of Frankfurt, farmers from the area, scientists, civil servants and politicians, all work together, as the Frankfurt Food Council, to support access to healthy, sustainable, and regional food in Frankfurt. To make this a reality, it is important to use the most climate-friendly means of bringing regionally produced food into the city. Within the City of Frankfurt itself, the products should then be transported in a climate-neutral manner. The Food Council supports and connects the various stakeholders: logisticians, producers, processors, retailers, and restaurateurs.

The Frankfurt Food Council builds on the foundation of local, existing initiatives and connects them with one another. Private and public institutions of the City of Frankfurt are also included. The Frankfurt Food Council has individual working groups that focus on various projects. The Food Council also implements its own initiatives and acts as adviser and consultant.

At the beginning of 2019, we gathered at the New Frankfurt Garden – and with this link, we sent a greeting across the country – live and in color!

Everyone can get involved in the work of the Frankfurt Food Council!