III. Communication

The Communication Working Group – more than just chatting! 

This working group is the mouthpiece of the Frankfurt Food Council. The Communication Working Group posts on the website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We also create the newsletter, sharing the latest information about our work on regional production and availability of food, particularly organic food from producers and processors in our region. During our first year (2017/2018) we worked on the development of a concept and framework for how to develop these various methods of communication. The tasks of this working group also include developing common core messages and using them to create publications (such as the general information brochure, ER Frankfurt). 

Do you want to participate?

We are looking for committed people with an interest in regional food production, food, agriculture, and sustainability, who also bring motivation and, ideally, a bit of experience in one of these areas: media and public relations, social media management, event organization, WordPress website design and maintenance, writing, and editing.

Presently, our meetings are held mostly online. Anyone interested in participating in our working group is, of course, very welcome. Please contact us. We would be happy to hear from you!


Interessierte, die sich gerne in den Arbeitskreis einbringen wollen, sind herzlich willkommen. Nehmt dazu einfach Kontakt zu uns auf: kommunikation@ernaehrungsrat-frankfurt.de.