About us

Our Goals

The Frankfurt Food Council aims to regain food sovereignty and, through democratic discourse, bring the subject of food to the awareness and attention of the public. Through these efforts, we hope to highlight the imbalances in our food systems. As many different people as possible, from all walks of life, should engage in discussions on this topic and participate in any mitigating efforts of innovation and implementation.

The Frankfurt Food Council also supports the City of Frankfurt am Main in achieving the goals it adopted by signing the “Milan Urban Food Policy Pact.” It is particularly important that balanced and healthy (organic) food is affordable and available for EVERYONE, thereby minimising health risks and preventing diseases.

If we want to change something globally, we have to act locally!

The Frankfurt Food Council focuses on regional and seasonal (organic) food and nutrition.

Increasingly, consumers ask for regional (organic) products. This focus on regional products promotes healthier food and contributes to the preservation of nearby cultural landscapes. In addition, the increased demand for these foods supports the local economy and jobs in the region. The Frankfurt Food Council consults with private and public institutes and businesses to prevent and mitigate misguided developments. Its goal is to connect citizens of various interest groups and through working groups; Frankfurt Food Council is addressing multiple topics concerning good and healthy food, as well as climate and environmental protection.

Regional and national embeddedness

The speakers of the Frankfurt Food Council are heavily engaged in fostering cooperation with other Food Councils. The team in Frankfurt has supported the Marburg and Giessen Food councils during their foundation. Currently, the network of these Hessian Food Councils and the food initiative of Kassel is liaising with the hessian Ministry of Environment and Agriculture, Department Food and Nutrition, to implement the regional food structure. Several workshops will be held in cooperation with the Ministry who is also providing funding for the Food Councils’ local activities.

Moreover, Frankfurt Food Council is embedded in the network of German Food Councils (more than 70 initiatives across Germany). The Frankfurt/M team has contributed to the German Network’s establishment. Together, the core group of leading Food Council initiatives, led by the Cologne Food Council, is working on national-level projects and preparing for events and other activities. Moreover, this core group aims to found a national umbrella organisation for German speaking Food Councils.